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Lucila Piffer (Buenos Aires, 1988) is an Argentinian cultural manager, performing arts producer, theatre director, and dramaturg. She produces  local and international festivals and cultural events, and collaborates with artists from different fields in site-specific and documentary art works. She worked with Lola Arias (AR), Guillermo Heras (ES), Constanza Macras (DE), Rimini Protokoll (DE), Laura Kalauz, Sofía Medici, Silvina Grinberg, Guillermina Etkin, Luis Cano and Agustina Gatto (AR).

She is production manager at BP.21 – Argentinian Performance Biennale. She was also production manager and artistic producer for FIBA – Buenos Aires International Festival, and worked for large and medium scale international art events such as the Buenos Aires German Film Festival and the urban interventions festival Changing Spaces | Espacios Revelados, coproduced by Siemens Stiftung and the Government of Buenos Aires. She also created and developed together with Luisa Ballentine the binational festival Espacios Comunes (2008), with the support of IBERESCENA and the participation of ten Chilean and Argentine companies in Buenos Aires and Santiago in 2008.

Between 2015 and 2019, se worked as production manager and artistic assistant for Lola Arias, with whom she collaborated in several projects: among them, the documentary theater play Minefield, the performances Audition for a Demonstration and Ways of Walking with a Book in Your Hand, and the solo exhibition Stunt Double. She also produced several projects for the public and independent sector in Buenos Aires: the contemporary dance play Cuando reinaban los cocodrilos, by Silvina Grinberg and Guillermina Etkin, Science Fiction’s Future Nostalgia, by Laura Kalauz and Sofía Medici, and the Argentinian version of the performance Remote by the German collective Rimini Protokoll.

As an artist, she directed between 2007 and 2012 the theater company CARSON. With them, she staged the shows Contando las maneras, Una historia tendenciosa and Caen las rosas sobre chicles carmesí. She was direction trainee at Constanza Macras / Dorky Park Berlin for the contemporary dance play Open for Everything. Since 2011, she works as dramaturg and artistic assistant in different projects, such as El crítico and Los áspides de Cleopatra, under the direction of Guillermo Heras.

She received the Pablo Podestá scholarship from the School of Dramatic Arts of the City of Buenos Aires (EMAD). In 2011, she was selected for the artists programme of the Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires. During 2016, she was awarded with the DAAD language fellowship in Berlin, and was invited to participate in the young artists programme of the Theaterformen Festival in Braunschweig. Together with other 14 international cultural managers, she was selected in 2020 to participate of the 5. Producers’ Academy by CIFAS / Kunstenfestivaldesarts Brussels.